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Bike running very warm honda 1986 shadow vt1100

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    Hello! I just bought a bike that needed some work for a very cheap sum of money, Now that I’ve done some repairs on the bike that I can test drive it down my local road I have noticed with two trips less then two miles in total the bike is at 75% on the heat gauge, and the fan is running non stop, Although I do live in a mountain area so its pulling hills at low speeds.
    The bike is a 1986 Honda shadow vt1100
    57xxx miles
    The work I have finished so far
    -Went over the wiring all back into spec
    -Oil change
    -coolant change
    -The last owner tried to do a clutch job and sold it to me because it was slipping with less then 500 miles on the clutch. One he used the wrong oil and additives, Two he managed to not tighten the central nut that holds the clutch assembly together I took it apart cleaned the friction plates and put it back together “tighting the nut this time Lol”
    I just don’t want to take this thing out on its first ride and get stranded with an overheating motorcycle.
    One thing to note and I don’t know how to check this. The last owner put a set of screaming eagle II’s on the bike with baffles still in the pipes would there be a non expensive way to check and see if he put a jet kit into the carbs or if that would be an issue.
    The bike starts first crank even when cold runs smooth power band is very strong past 1500 RPM.
    Any ideas would be greatly helpful!

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    After finally Taking it for its first drive, Come to find out the bike has the dreaded 3rd gear issue, It flies out of 3rd gear when accelerating, but not when decelerating or holding the bike at a steady speed. Now Looking at possibly Scrapping the out for parts, Unless repairing that gear is a simple task witch i really doubt

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