Both wheel bearings bad?

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    Eddie Keyton
    Eddie Keyton

    I just purchased an 03 grand am with 190k miles. Paid $700 for it. I got it from my cousin who doesn’t know much about cars. I took it for a test drive. And it sounded like an airplane taking off. The faster I went, the louder it got. First thing that came to mind was a wheel bearing. Not an issue. So 85 dollars and 1 hour later. I replaced the hub assembly. While I was down there. I checked inner and outer rods, ball joint, cv, springs control arms. Everything was good surprisingly.

    I chose the passenger side bearing because that’s where the play in the tire was when testing the wheel bearing. Fixed it and called it a day. Jumped in the car and took off. I’m sure you can guess what happened next. The noise didn’t go away lol. But now there isn’t any mistake on which side it’s coming from. It’s coming from the drivers side. I’ve never seen both sides zonk at the same time?

    The only thing I’ve wondered is… Did one side go bad and she kept driving it and the other side wore out? Because it’s loud. I’ve never heard a bad bearing cause this much noise. It sounds like I’m driving on rumble strips, and if I get up to 45 it is louder than the music at full blast.

    Changing the passenger side def changed the noise though. Before I couldn’t decipher which side it was coming from without physically jacking up the car and wobbling the tire. Passenger side had about an inch of play, driver’s side had none. Anybody else seen both sides fail?

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    I’ve seen a vehicle that hit a huge pot hole.
    Did all kinds of damage to both sides of the front end including taking out the wheel bearings, lower ball joints, sway bar links on both sides.

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