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Brake bleeding procedure after completely emptied

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    I was working on my friend’s 2014 Hyundai Sonata after he hit a massive pothole and bent 2 wheels. The AAA guy who towed the car completely drained the brake fluid and left the bleeders open because “he had to unlock the brakes.” TLDR: a spare tire from another car crushed the caliper and caused the brakes to get stuck; no real mechanical damage. I proceeded to change his bald brake pads and filled up the reservoir. I bled the two front brakes that were empty, then went from furthest to the closest wheel relative to the master cylinder. The brakes feel firm now. I was reading on some other forums that if the brake system is completely emptied, it is necessary to bleed both the master cylinder and the abs pump. Does anyone know the procedure for this car? The brakes feel good but I want to make sure everything is good and the abs will work if he ever has to make a panic stop. Any and all feedback is deeply appreciated!

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    Dave Tidman
    Dave Tidman

    This may not be a direct correlation, but here is what I did after someone stole my cat converter and cut the rear brake line causing the master to empty. This was on a nissan frontier with ABS.

    After the replacement of the brake line:

    disconnected the battery (nissan recommends this for vehicles with ABS)
    opened all the bleeders
    added fluid to the master and gravity bled all 4 corners
    When that was clear, went back and individually bled 1 corner at a time.
    reconnected battery.
    pumped up brakes to ensure pressure, gently tested brakes for feel.
    went into a empty gravel parking lot, several hard stops to get the abs to engage

    That seemed to do the trick for me. YMMV on a Hyundai

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