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    Christopher Dunford
    Christopher Dunford

    I have a 1996 Honda Accord LX. R/S front brake caliper was sticking and the rotors looked bad so I changed both sides. (Rotors, caliper, pads) Now, as I’m bleeding the brakes, there is not enough fluid pressure to the L/S caliper to move the piston. (Which is odd because the L/S was working fine and the pads were worn evenly) what I done shouldn’t have changed the fluid pressure. I thought maybe the hose running from the brake line to the caliper on the L/S may had collapsed (it looked old) so I changed it but that made no difference. I am kind of stuck and don’t want to just randomly throw parts at it with out having some idea where to start. Also I changed out the Master Cylinder about a year or so. Any advice would be appreciated. Non ABS, non Vtec engine.

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    Billy Andrews

    When bleeding, you’re not looking for piston movement. You’re looking for fluid coming out of the valve. Is that happening?
    When you’re done bleeding, does the piston operate? If not, possibly a defective caliper.

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