brake light switch keeps going out

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    David FieldsDavid Fields

      I have a 2001 maxima
      Brake light switch keeps failing after a few weeks

      Back in 2019 I replaced original
      with FACET branded switch from rock-auto. That had been working fine until recently fall 2022
      So I replaced it again with on off eBay and few weeks later it was broken. I complained to the seller and got my $$ back. And I ordered a different branded one from a separate seller and it did the same thing. Stopped working after a few weeks

      Note the car also has ABS light on but per auto parts store scanner it seems fine and functioning

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      khaliok khaliokxkhaliok khaliokx

        Easier to take out the fuse than to disconnect the battery because have to reprogram radio every time battery is reconnected.

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