Brake pads in caliper

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    Mike ForrestMike Forrest

      Did my first front disk brake job on my car BUT I think I may have to take it apart because of the pads.

      Putting the pads in was not east at all. My prep:
      remove the old clips, use a file to take off some surface rust but not down to bare metal, put a small amount of grease on and put the new clips in.
      the new clips are not the same as the old clips, the have a stiffer and more pronounced spring tongue.
      I greased the ends of the pads to go in easier.

      I had to put the brake pads while the mount was off of the car, while it was on the car I could not line it up right and it took a good bit of finder pressure to put it in.
      For one pad I damaged a clip and put an old one in, with the old one it it went in a lot easier.

      This is a 2013 Corolla and at 50K and 9 years the old pads had to be knocked out so I figured the tightness was normal.
      After about 10K I have a bit of noise on just over slow braking, traffic braking at speed is fine.

      The pads were stiff coming out and do not know the consequence of them being stiff in the mount.
      What is normal for the pads here, should I just be able to snap them in?
      can I use two different pin types on the same brake shoe side? (my gut tells me “no!”)

      thank you so much.

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      Dave TidmanDave Tidman

        May be a silly question, are you sure you have the correct pads? Are the pads OE or aftermarket? sometimes, cheap aftermarket pads don’t fit well. And your gut is right about mixing pad types on 1 side.

        Jeffrey VoightJeffrey Voight

          You said you took a file to clean but not to bare metal. I live where they salt the roads and rust and corrosion are prevelant. It is sometimes hard to tell if they are cleaned well. Most of the time when I use a wire wheel I can make it look really clean but it turns out it’s not. Use your file or the edge of a cut off wheel to get it to shiney metal.everything the clip touches should be shiny. Use silicone brake lube on clips.pads should slide freely back and forth in bracket. I think you need to clean better.

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