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Brake pedal drops to the floor while running

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    Mark BeckerMark Becker

      Hi, I am new to the forum but I’ve been watching the channel for years.

      I drive a 2013 Mazda3. I replaced my rear calipers because one would not retract when I was replacing pads and rotors.I decided to do the flex hoses too because I live in practically Canada , NY and every thing was rusted. I bled the rear brakes. While the car is off the pedal will build up pressure and get stiff but when I turn the car on the brake pedal drops right to the floor. Could it be because the rear of the car is still on jackstands. Because my car is too low to the ground and I am too portly of a gentlemen I can’t Reach the bleeder screws while the car is on the ground. It was my first time replacing calipers and flex hoses. Everything seems to be set up right no leaks. I don’t know what to do at this point the car is been in the driveway on jackstands for a few days because I really had to take my time with the flare nuts that attaches to the flex hose. I was not about to replace metal lines for the first time while in my driveway. I have double checked and triple checked the reservoir. It is not losing brake fluid overnight. It is not losing brake fluid when I pump the pedal when the car is off or on.

      The only two things I can think of besides major problems are; the car is not level and when I’m bleeding the brakes I leave the cab to the Reservoir on tight. I’m a singe dad so that means I’m also a A chauffeur to swim meets lacrosse games scouting camps and events and sadly I never bring myself anywhere lol.

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      Jackson YoungJackson Young

        If you are not losing brake fluid, our guess would be air in the break lines. Put the car on level ground and bleed all the break lines again. Hopefully this helps.

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        Mark BeckerMark Becker

          I bled them today and changed all the fluid. It pumped up really hard when it was off but was only slightly better with the engine on. It’s safe but IMO not as safe as it could be.

          I did notice when I pump them up when the engine is off after it get really firm I feel and hear a click/pop noise then it gets a little softer. The reservoir is still full so I’m not having any leaks.

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