Brake Pulsation Fix G37

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    I have a 2013 G37, and I have a slight brake pulsation in the steering wheel. It appears to be randomly better or worse different times a day with no specific pattern though perhaps it is worse on hot days. Vehicle has slightly less than 80,000 and within the past 30 days I replaced the front rotors with brand-new factory rotors.

    During the service, I lubricated the slide pins and cleaned the heck out of the hub with a wire brush and 3M spinning thing each stud to fully clean the hub. I made certain the rotors are completely in contact with the hub not rust.

    The problem happens only when I brake. Any ideas how to address this next? Should I get it run through an on-car brake lathe perhaps?

    I am not sure.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Considering the symptoms and what you’ve done so far.
    Perhaps you should be looking at the ABS system for proper operation.


    Fixed. Turns out my rear rotors needed replacement, and I was feeling it in the steering wheel. I know it is crazy, but the problem was 70% reduced changing my front rotors. Now it is 95% better+ after changing the rear rotors, too. At this point, I am over $440 into brakes, but I am satisfied with the results; I think.

    One of my friends at a car dealership told me the G37 suffers from brake hammer. If a rear rotor on the left is warped it sends a pulse of brake fluid to the front right, and the rear right will send a pulse to the front left. Apparently it is something with the proportioning valves but the fluid cannot back up into the reservoir when you are putting your foot on the brake.

    Regardless, the shakes appear gone.

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