Caliper Carrier Bolt

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    Andrew Sma
    Andrew Sma

    Hello everyone,

    I recently had an event with a 2018 Atlas where the caliper carrier bolt came loose and got stuck between the caliper and rim as the car was rolling, smashing the rim to pieces.

    I believe the carrier bolt was not tightened properly at the last brake service.

    The dealer believes “a rock or something” hit the caliper carrier bolt and loosened it. I’m not a mechanic but I have changed my own brakes on many cars (NOT this one) and have found the carrier bolts to be very tough to remove, I think they are torqued to something like 140 lb-ft of torque.

    The dealer’s explanation that the caliper bolt was loosened by a rock hitting it seems insane to me. Do I have a point or am I completely wrong. Is this something that can happen?

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    Anything is possible but…..
    Personally. I have never seen or heard of a rock or something loosening a caliper bolt in almost 50 years of working on cars.
    I have heard of rocks jammed to the head of a caliper bolt but never loosening one.

    I think the dealership is trying to cover their butt.

    Just for giggles, do a search on google, yahoo and any other search engines and look up rock loosening caliper bolt.
    Print out the results and show the person who told you that foolishness.

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