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      I am a student in high school doing research for my project in regards to automotive. I need to collect a lot of data so please if you would be so kind and fill out one or two of my surveys.

      Do you know about the parts/computer chip shortage?
      Has your company been affected by the shortage?
      Why do you think car prices have risen in the last 2-3 years?
      Why do you think sales have been affected by the shortage or some outside source?
      Has any of your supply increased in pricing or sales in the last 10 years?
      How bad is the shop technician shortage really?
      Do any higher-ups or large companies have an impact?
      Has this been an on-going problem or has covid set its pace?
      Do you think purchasing cars is different from let’s say 5 years ago? (Electric, Lyft, millennials)
      Do you believe auto technicians are hard to come by in today’s day in age?
      Do online sales have an affect rather than in person?

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