Cam Synchronizer timing

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    Hi guys,

    I have a 1994 FORD 4.0L OHV I rebuild 60K ago. Runs great but, it started to surge when driving. I notice it at slow crawling speeds and at high speeds. I pulled the Cam synchro sensor off to oil the shaft and to clean the hall effect sensor. I put it all back together and the engine ran perfect. But now it’s surging again. So I’m pretty sure it’s the original cam synchronize sensor that has finally given up the ghost. I bought a totally NEW unit From Cardone, I couldn’t find a Motorcraft part for reasonable money. Searching the web on how to install and timing a synchronizer, directions are all over the map. Some say to bring engine to TDC, then retard it 34mm BTDC. Then use a FORD synchro tool to hold the interrupter in place while I stab the sychro and set it at 15 degrees left off engine center line (looking from the front of engine) What say you oh wise and hairy one? Thanks for your help!

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