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    Martell JohnsonMartell Johnson

      I have 2003 Honda Accord v6 coupe all 6 cylinders are misfiring so I changed spark plugs and coil packs and no missfire for 2 Days came cel came back on flashing again but this time got a p0157 & p0158 so I changed all oxygen sensors and fuel injectors still misfire also did a valve adjustment and new valve cover seal do t know what else to do

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      Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

        First off…. STOP firing the parts cannon.
        If you truly feel the need to toss money away, PLEASE feel free to toss into my pocket any time you feel the urge.
        Obviously, all the parts you’ve already replaced solved nothing.
        So lets try another route.
        You have blanket misfires on all cylinders.
        So it is safe to assume you have a global issue.
        Now it’s time to see what will affect all cylinders.
        Do you have the specified pressure at the fuel rail?
        Need to test for that, I’m fairly certain there are YT videos explaining it so I won’t have to.

        Fuel pressure regulator:
        Again, need to test it for proper operation, again …fairly certain there are YT videos explaining it so I won’t have to.

        Vacuum leak:
        Again need to test for that, same applies for YT videos

        Ignition timing:
        Need to confirm all your timing marks, inspect the timing belt for any possible damage or jumped timing.

        These are the simpler items to check.
        From there it will get more intense.

        Martell JohnsonMartell Johnson

          Yes I don’t have a computer to see the fuel rail I paid 2 different shops and they told me to pay for a compression test or it’s my fuel injectors or catalytic converter so today I will check the timing belt and check back in already replaced the serpentine belt

          Martell JohnsonMartell Johnson

            Also it’s still has a random misfire not even throwing the p0157 or p0158 just random missfire on all 6 cylinders

            Nightflyr *Richard Kirshy

              Ummm no need for a computer to see fuel pressure, just a tap and pressure gauge

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