Car door won’t open


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    I have a 2015 Dodge Charger se AWD. Got windows tinted several months ago. Ever since, the back driver side door will not open from the outside or inside. When locking/unlocking with the fob or front door controls, the locking mechanism is going up and down like it should, however the door will not open. Back when I was first trying to figure the problem out, I took the door panel off from the inside, everything looked like it was connected properly and nothing seemed to be visibly broken, but even pulling on the latch wouldn’t open it. So I gave up and put the panel back on and all of a sudden I was able to open the door from the inside and outside. Thought it was fixed, but I locked the door at that time and unlocked it just to make sure it was still working, but it went back to the original problem. I repeated the process of taking the panel off and putting it back on – same results of finally being able to open it, but every time I locked/unlocked it, I couldn’t open the door again. I had given up at that point and couldn’t figure it out. So I am reaching back out to anyone who might have a solution. Really don’t want to take it to a dealership.

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