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    Couple of days now my 2003 Nissan Altima started to sputter idle rough and die at every first start of the day I have to restart a second or even third time before idle can stay normal. Rpm stays around 600 follow with a serious misfire, I have two fault codes popping up each time I erased and drive for about 3-5km they po340 and po128.

    All these started after I took off the intake manifold and change a leaking injector car refuse to start called in a mechanic he said the timing should be reset he reset the timing yet car didn’t start.
    Another guy came heat the spark plugs,crank for about 10 seconds car started but rpm was higher than normal I drove the car to a guy that did an idle relearn. After all these job done,i started having all these problem there was no service engine soon light on prior to the job.

    Now my question is could it be an incorrect timing throwing the po340 code or the idle relearn not properly learned causing the ECM to forget the actual idle position at first start? Please help I’m confused.

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