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Car surges when accelerating with AC On

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    Joshua Stein
    Joshua Stein

    Hi, i have a 2000 plymouth breeze with 117k, and im experiencing a Surge when my AC is on, but it operates as normal with it off. The AC is brand new, as my bearing broke the week before. Its really annoying and eventually causes a “brrrr” noise to the right of my right leg. It does it while driving and lurches. My battery is going on about 4 1/2+ years of use, not too sure if that is useful information. I cleaned the THrottle Body inner plate to see if it would help and it only helped a smoother idle when ac on. IAC is still factory but has no check engine light displaying it is going. Canister purge valve is 2 years old as i replaced it thinking it would fix an issue i had prior when it was the fuel pump. Any help would be greatly appreciated and can tell more if need be. Thanks in advance.

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