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    Dylan Duncan
    Dylan Duncan

    Good day,

    I am from South Africa and have a 2006 Fiat Panda 1.2 8v and all is stock

    I had a issue with my O2 sensor that the wires broke where it goes in so there was no was in fixing it and because its so old i couldnt get a new sensor and no one could help with a universal or a dummy sensor so i took the option of deleting it through the computer box(Done professionally)because the car was stuck in Limp mode not exceeding 3000rpm or 50kmh and also was getting a low 6km/liter so after that i got it back and all was good i can rev high and all but at 100kmh now it doesnt go faster and still getting around 8-10km/l where the car was origionally getting 26km/l

    I cant afford a straight pipe cat removal or a new cat as they all cost the exact same as what my salary is

    I just want to know if a blocked cat could cause that and if can i want to find out it was about 8 years ago you did afew videos on cleaning the cat with water and soap and some other stuff and also the thinners would you suggest any of that and did you ever try anything else and get a solution to your problem or did you just get a new cat

    Also how can you know if a cat is damaged on the inside

    Thanks alot look forward to the reply

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    EricTheCarGuy 1

    If the catalytic converter is clogged enough to cause a restriction, no cleaning will solve that. It will need to be replaced. Additionally, the O2 sensor is critical to engine operation and fuel economy. I suggest you do what you can to fix that problem instead of modifying the computer to ignore it.

    This can help you identify an exhaust restriction.

    This can help you diagnose performance issues with your engine:

    Good hunting.

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