Catalytic Converters


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    John Bibb
    John Bibb

    I watched the video on trouble shooting Catalytic Converters.
    In the video of myth busting the use of lacquer thinner you stated
    many after market catalytic converters do not meet the OEM standards.
    My sons Equinox has the P0420 DTC and may require a new converter.
    If so I will be purchasing from ROCKAUTO.COM. Do you recommend any
    of the Manufacturers sold by RockAuto? I live in Texas so I need a converter that will pass
    the NOx testing.


    John R. Bibb

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    Dave Tidman
    Dave Tidman

    I can’t directly recommend any after market converters. If you are going aftermarket, make sure it is CARB compliant (Californis Ait Resources Board). THerea re many sold that are not CARB compliant.

    Make sure you do all the testing before condemning the converter.

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