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Central Locking Unlocks but Won't Lock

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    Hi all,

    Car in question; Integra DC2 Type R JDM ’96.

    This started out as an intermittent problem – sometimes the pas door would lock but now it never does but always unlocks.

    So, the car has the factory central locking but when using the key in the drivers door, the passenger side door will unlock but not lock. The drivers side door will lock. The passenger side door will lock with the key in the passenger side.

    I’ve replaced the passenger side actuator with a brand new OEM unit, I’ve replaced the drivers side key switch with used OEM and the central locking control module with a used OEM unit. Still no joy. I can’t see anything obvious that’s broken with the latch mechanism and have sprayed WD40 on it.

    Any ideas what’s going on? I’m running out of ideas.

    Thanks in advanced.


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