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Checking Transmission fluid level on 2005 CRV EX AWL

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    Hi Eric,
    Been following your advice for years and appreciate all your help :)….I’ve hit my first delima!
    My daughter has a 2005 Honda CRV EX AWD that I am trying to complete a drain and fill on her transmission. Watched your video and did a drain and almost exactly 3.3 quarts came out (I did measure so confident on amount). Dumped in exactly 3.3 quarts of DW1 back into the transmission. These numbers seem to be what I should have expected from my research on the make/model/year. started car and ran the trans thru all the gears to distribute fluid and let it warm to operating temperature. turned the car OFF and pulled the dipstick, wiped and checked the level…the fluid is not even touching the bottom of the dipstick :(. I will add that this car has zero leaks of any kind….it’s been a great car and has no shifting issues at this time. Here’s the funny thing….I can go out after it sits all night and check it cold and it is exactly even with the top of the XXXX marks on the dipstick. So everybody I talk to is saying car must be at operating temperature then shut car off and check level on level ground within 60 seconds and no more than 90 seconds, and when I do this the dipstick is completely dry but shows perfect after sitting all night and cold. Sooooo, do I need to add until full when it’s warm (which would be putting in much more than the recommended 3.3 quarts) or are late models different and need to be checked cold? It seems if I add more fluid when warm, that the level would be way over max when cold. I know Hondas are picky on fluid levels and don’t want to hurt her car.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give to explain what I’m doing wrong!
    Edward Dunning
    Circleville, Ohio

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