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Chevy 305 doesn't have a consistent idle

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    Alaric Rice
    Alaric Rice

    Hey all, I have a 1984 chevy camaro with a 305sbc that I have added a vacuum advance distributor and 750 holley carb to. And I’ve been having this problem where it’ll idle low sometimes. I’ve set the idle speed to 600rpm while in drive with 15 degrees of initial advance w/ vacuum advance unplugged and 35 total. Sometimes when I put it in drive it’ll go to about 490rpm, but then I put it in neutral and back in drive and it’ll go back to 600. It doesn’t just happen while stopped, it does the same thing when coming to a stop at a light. Sometimes it drops really low and sometimes it purrs like a kitten. I’ve tuned the idle mixture screws to highest vacuum and backed off 1/8 turn too. Im at a loss and just can’t figure it out. Why would it idle great sometimes and not others? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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