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    Haris Beganović
    Haris Beganović

    Hi guys, Ive ran into a new problem with this engine. It has bad cooling system, Ive replaced the bottle, hoses and temp sensor. I still got the code 89 which someone tells its thermostat, and other guys are telling differently. When I start the car, the cooling fan starts spinning right away, car temp is more than cooled :’)
    Car specs is: Aveo for europe, 1.2L gasoline, 51kw, T300 model. New temp sensor is there, the cooling liquid is at good level, no rises or lowers, usualy at same level, no leaks noticed. So far Im thinking between thermostat or water pump, but if its water pump it would be noticable in bottle or hoses. So I need help from better mechanics from me. Diagnostics doesnt reckognise code 89 in errors.

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