Chevy Spark rear drums dragging

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    Bob GarfieldBob Garfield

      Chevy Spark, 2015, manual, 80,000 miles.
      This is my first post, and first time working on breaks. Front pads etc… no issues. Rear drums have been dragging some. This was before pad change. Parking cables seem to be releasing ok. I cleaned brakes/lubed on back. When I slide drums on and manually push, they spin with minor contact. But when I insert retaining screw they get way too tight. Have checked:
      Parking brake
      Star nut, loosened..
      Opened hydro. valve (checking hose)
      I’m wondering if its been slightly dragging for a while. Could the shoes or drums been warped. There is an uneven drag. Half spin noticeably tighter.

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