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Chevy Trax – 84,000 Miles – Turning Over Slowly – $2,300 Spent Thus Far

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    Jody Hodges
    Jody Hodges

    2017 Chevy Trax
    84,000 miles

    I am posting here out of desperation. In the past month, I have spent over $2,300 in repair costs, but still, my car continues to have issues.

    A couple months ago, my car began turning over slowly. My Sirius satellite stations also stopped working from time to time. Roughly a month after this started, my car overheated. I drove it five miles home when that occurred. Then, I had the car towed to a mechanic, who replaced the reservoir and thermostat for over $700. I drove the car home 25 miles away, and then on the following day, after about 8 mile, the car overheated again. I immediately pulled over and had it towed to a different mechanic. That shop indicated the water pump had to be replaced, so that was done for over $600. Then, I drove the car the next day about twenty miles, and on the way back home, the engine light came on again. My cheap code reader referenced the catalytic converter and 7EB codes. So, I drove my car to a third mechanic, who charged over $800 to replace the converter. On the twenty-mile drive home from the shop, the engine light came on again. So, I took it back to the same shop, and they then replaced the O2 sensor for over $200. The next day, on another short round-trip, the engine came on yet again. My code reader indicates 7EB, but I know that doesn’t really mean anything. All this time, the car has been slowly turning over. Even though I took it to the third shop twice, they never fixed the turn over issue.

    Any ideas about what is going on?

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    Darrell Gibson
    Darrell Gibson

    Slow as in slow cranking speed? That would make me think battery, or starter. A weak battery can cause all kinds of issues with modern computerized cars. The cooling fans are electric. I’m not an expert on this car, but if the coolant wasn’t properly filled then it could cause an air lock issue. Basically, air gets stuck in the water pump. automotive water pumps can’t self prime to get the air out. I’m not saying that’s your issue, but its a possibility. I’d start by having the battery and alternator load tested. Some auto parts stores can do this for free, it’s a simple test done on the car in the parking lot. Have you been taking it to a chevy garage? Sometimes there are things that only the dealer would know to do or check, it’s just a thought.

    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    The readers digest version is that apparently no one you’ve had repaired the vehicle has taken the time to properly diagnose the issue(s).
    It seems they are firing the parts cannon according to what the trouble codes shows and not looking further.

    FYI ….
    If You have A7EB code on the dash of Your GMC vehicle that means that there is a problem that was detected with the diagnostic control module on the vehicle. This is not the same as a standard check engine light that will let You know there is a problem with the engine. Typically this code will happen when there is a fault at some point in the startup procedure of the vehicle. Usually restarting the car is enough to get rid of the code. It can also be turned on just because a sensor sent one signal that was out of range, but not enough to trip an actual check engine light.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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