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Civic 2004 A/C compressor magnetic coil electrical issue

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    Hi All:

    Here is my issue, when the A/c is turned on, the #1 fuse under the hood gets blown every time. What would cause that?

    I know A/C systems are a bit more complex so I did some initial research and here’s the background info and diagnostic:
    – the AC compressor clutch assembly including the field coil was replaced with an brand new (and shiny) after market parts. being freshly installed and “new” I can assume that they are (still) “OK”. The A/C was working immediately after replacement and my parents drove the car for a couple of days and then the fuse began to blow. With every replacement the fuse blows within minutes.
    – I took my autel tool to test 20A circuit (which is incidentally the amp of the #1 fuse). I disconnected the fan from the harness near the actual fan assembly. That way I’m isolating just the compressor magnetic coil.
    – the initial test seemed normal – the initial activation drew around 8A and then moved to 4.5A to 3.8A.
    – subsequently, I added connected the condenser fan. Things looked normal too and the reading was at around 10A.
    – subsequently, I disconnected the fan again, and tested just the magnetic coil. Then it happen, there was a ‘surge’ where the amps when over 20A and even the autel tool blew a fuse.

    So we have potential culprit. I know on that circuit we have the relay, the wire, a connector, the compressor temperature switch, and finally the magnetic coil. What do I do next to diagnose and narrow down the source of that surge?

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