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Civic 2016 Grinding and Gargling Noise when shifted to Drive

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    Hello Everyone,

    This problem is something I never saw after exploring all the videos, all the forums and reading all the forums I know. I have made the oil change in April 2020 at a Dealer at roughly around 78000 kms. Since then I have started experiencing some rattling, grinidng noise at the traffic signals. I ignored the problem initially but slowly it started increasig. When I went to show it to the dealer, due to my badluck the mechanic couldn’t recreate the problem. I felt like to give itsome time and these days I and my friends can notice the problem clearly.

    Now, its making the same noise as soon as I shift the gear to Drive. In R, N, P it doesn’t make that noise but in Drive it does and this noise disppears after like 15 minutes I drive on a road.
    Another interesting thing is, in the traffic I can feel some jerk when I press the brake. It’s kind of like transmission slipping or something like brake pads holding tightly the discs or something is holding the car and it gives a little jerk in the traffic when I slowdown. I can feel the quick retardation when I try to stop at the intersections or in the middle of the traffic. I usually do smooth braking. On a regular car if I press brake I can see the car is slowing down but on my Civic, I see that it’s stopping rather than slowing down.
    Today, I took it to another dealer and the mechanic was not patient enough to understand what I was speaking and he did a quick check on the compressor, Software and told me the splash screws need to be tightened up and that’s it.

    So, I have 2 problems
    Some noise when I shift to Drive
    The brakes holding/transmission slipping during intersections or in the traffic
    I am posting 1 video and 1 audio to clearly make you understand my problem. This is something in my head and making me not to sleep sometimes. I am really worried guys. Please advise me.

    Video :
    Please use high quality headphones or put the max volume on your device. You can notice clearly that as soon as I shift to Drive you can hear some noise thats kind of little loud, little gargling, little grinding. It doesn’t happen on other gears except Drive.

    I started recording when I am in Drive and I was changing the gear to N, then to Drive and then to N, R and then again to Drive to make you clearly understand how the noise sounds like. I also put the time exactly as follows to give you a better idea.

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