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Civic 8gen.1.8 – Timing chain rattles when cold

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    Slavek M.
    Slavek M.

    Hi,I need your help. Timing was a little noisy when the mileage was about 290kkm, so decided to change it. Bought timing chain and the tensioner form AutoZone. When compared both the new was much shorter.
    Installed it. The chan was still noisy but I was driving every day for about 20kkm, then one evening when was cold day the chain jumped .
    I could not start the engine. Bought another one oem used one , installed , then still noisy.
    Finally, bought from Honda, a new one OEM the whole kit (sprockets, chain,tensioner, both guides.)installed today, but still noisy when cold.
    Can someone tell me what is going on? Why after instaling everything new still is noisy and rattles for 1-2 seconds . I think it will jump again if not fixed. Is there any problem, with the pressure going to the tensioner ? Please advise .

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