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Civic EG6 w/ ZC SOHC non-vtec idling low RPM

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    Saizou Basara
    Saizou Basara

    Greetings Honda Guys, I own a 1995 Civic with a ZC motor swapped into it. It’s a SOHC non-vtec (Similar to a D16A6) manual transmission. The cars history is that it had a problem with idle surging until I’ve done a lot of research and managed to fix it by replacing the P05 with a P06 ECU. Now I have a very low rpm at idle at about a 100 at the traffic stop. It doesn’t die out but I can feel the car shake at the traffic stop and I can still see the rpm needle bouncing up and down very slightly. Here is a rundown of what I have done so far.
    • Replaced IACV
    • Replaced All Vacuum Hoses with new ones
    • Replaced PVC Valve and cleaned out the Oil Breather box and also replaced the PVC gasket in that Breather box
    • Replaced Intake Manifold with a D15B7 intake with new gasket
    • Replaced All radiator hoses with new ones
    • Bled the coolant lines for air pockets
    • Replaced upper cam shaft seal with a new one
    • Replaced head gasket, upper and lower spark plug well gaskets
    • Did a reset on the ECU jumper to adjust the idle
    • Cleaned out the throttle body
    • Replaced the O2 sensor, TPS (calibrated to 0.5 closed and 4.5 open), MAP and coolant temperature sensor
    • Adjust the throttle cable for just a tiny bit of slack
    • Adjust the timing cam and dizzy with a timing gun
    • Inspected purge valve and Intake temp sensor (seems to be working fine, unsure)
    • Sprayed carb cleaner while engine is running for any changes and seems that there is no changes on the idle. (I’ve used a lot)
    • Replaced spark plugs (NGK) Note: i followed the factory label on the timing cover and torque them down to spec.
    • Oil changed
    • Tighten down the Fast Idle (youtube stuff)
    • Replaced fuel filter
    I’m all out of ideas and this is driving me nuts. I have my balls to the wall at this point and also not knowing if I should continue replacing stuff like the fuel injectors, the gaskets for them and the lower cam seal. I have ideas flying all over the place think it could be low compression on the pistons. If anyone could help me with information on why I have this low rpm at idle at a traffic stop. I would be very greatfull. Thanks for reading.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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