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Cleaning an electronic throttle body ?

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    Hi all,

    So I cleaned my throttle body some time ago, but idling it still not great. I’ve read it’s possible the Electronic IAC could be dirty preventing the TB from moving smoothly, and it might be possible that when cleaning the TB, perhaps dirt got in where it wasn’t suppose to. Issue though is that the car has an electronic IAC that’s riveted to the TB. Just wondering if possible to remove the rivets to carefully open the IAC, inspect for dirt, or clean with a suitable cleaner, then rivet it back into place? Has anyone done this?
    Someone has suggested that I just get some Subaru upper engine cleaner, remove the TB and spray into the IAC to help clean, would that also work as a cleaning solution ?


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    Bump, anyone? I’m sure it would be OK assuming I use a correct cleaner. The only possible issues I can see (might not be an issue), are

    !. Reinstalling new rivets. I could use a soft/aluminium rivet so I don’t apply too much pressure and crack the plastic housing. ?
    2. Whether the Electronic IAC is sealed, and whether the seal/gasket can be replaced, or alternative sealer applied.
    3. What cleaner to use that won’t affect any electronic inside. I’m thinking maybe TB cleaner might be a bit harsh? Perhaps IPA and a toothbrush?

    Anyone cleaned one before ?

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