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    I have had my check engine light on in my 2005 Honda Element for awhile now. I went through the idle issues checklist on this site – I have checked for air in the coolant, vacuum leaks, replaced the PCV valve, the idle air control valve, the MAP sensor, the spark plugs. I’ve cleaned the ERG passages and adjusted the valves. I’ve done the idle relearn procedure after each part replacement and the code and CEL are still present. I am running out of ideas to try. The car occasionally surges at idle and was lurching when I would ease off on the accelerator, especially at slower speeds. The lurching improved a lot after I replaced the PCV valve and the car seems to be running better, especially after the valve adjustment (the exhaust valves were very tight).
    I am wondering if the idle relearn procedure will work correctly if the AC isn’t working? My AC has been broken for awhile, too.
    Any ideas, recommendations, etc. will be greatly appreciated.

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