confusing fueling issue

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    bronson jonesbronson jones

      Hey all! I got a 2004 Jeep grand cherokee with a 4.0 I6 and am not able to start my car.
      I took my wife off-road and I think that stirred up some sediment in the tank and plugged my fuel filter. I replaced it when I got home because as soon as I shut it off it would not restart. I turn the key I hear the pump kick on. I opened up the shrader valve and there is just a little trickle of fuel not much at all. When I had the filter off I went Key on and it dumped quite a bit of fuel. I am about to order a fuel pump and just assume that the little filter in the tank is clogged but at this point I got nothing and was hoping to hear from someone more experience than a parts replacer.
      btw when I blew through the old filter a bunch of NASTY junk came out.
      it would be weird to me that the fuel pump would kick on make noise but not actually pump up enough pressure to at least idle?
      Thanks in advanced!

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      EricTheCarGuy 1EricTheCarGuy

        It sounds like it could be the pump, but there are other parts of the circuit that could also effect fuel pump operation such as the relay and wiring. You might want to verify that you have battery voltage at the pump when the ignition is turned on just to be sure.

        Good hunting

        bronson jonesbronson jones

          busted out the multimeter low voltage at the pump which is odd for sure but I am not sure if 10.9v is an issue or not to be honest. but it gives me something to go on. Thanks!

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