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    I have purchased a 2007 Hyundai Accent two months ago. It was running a little rough at low idle so I checked and replaced the spark plugs. I have noticed rust and condensation in the tubes on cylinders #2 and #3. I hadn’t given it too much thought. The car was running smooth after. Here is a photo of the old spark plugs. The second from the right is cylinder #2.

    A few days ago the car started running rough and it got really bad. Engine light came on with P0302 (misfire in cylinder #2). Checked the spark plugs and there was coolant/water in the spark plug tubes (#2 and #3). It smelled like coolant, not just plain water. I blew the fluid out with compressor yesterday and the car runs fine so far.

    Is it physically possible for the coolant to get into the tubes somehow? (cracked head, broken head or intake gasket). Could the rain water find its way into the two spark plug tubes in the middle but not the ones on the sides? I thought the rubber seal on the plugs (coil on plugs) would seal properly against water.

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