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    Was wondering if I could get some help with a 2002 E150 Econoline cooling problem. I have flushed the entire system as per Eric had explained in a video, cleaned everything (expansion tank) included. Refilled system with new (correct) antifreeze, van runs awesome. Yes it’s hot here in Tennessee 80 plus degrees, but just driving normally it’s fine, when I sit at a rest for more than 10 to 20 min. the indicator goes to overheat, get back on the road it go’s back to normal. No sign of anything going on in the oil, (checked the dip stick only), it’s fine, and nothing in expansion tank that looks strange, just antifreeze. The manual is telling me it has a temperature sender, I believe it goes to the dash gauge indicator. I’m hoping for some insight on where else to go with this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Eric, and all the guy’s out there that help with car problem solving……..Daniel……

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    Possible causes:
    Collapsing radiator hose(s) Are they original?
    Possible partial clogged radiator
    Loose water pump belt
    Faulty water pump

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