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    Lyall Barbour
    Lyall Barbour

    Love the YouTube channel. Fix It Forward, all the different topics and videos!
    I have a 2007 small SUV that sat for most of COVID. It has been driving a couple times a week now, but the brake are noticeably different. It’s not a squeaking, or metal on metal sound. The sound is more of a creaking, chunking sound that i can feel. Not intense, more subtle, but i know i should take care of it.
    I love working on my oil, brakes and other easier maintenance jobs on all my cars. Where should i start on diagnosing this sound? If it’s a bearing or control arm, i’m sure i have to bring it in. But maybe it just needs to be cleaned and anti-seized?

    Lyall Barbour in Cleveland

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    Lyall Barbour
    Lyall Barbour

    I might delete this question. After writing it and driving the car to get lunch, the creaking is definitely from stress put on the front axle, maybe suspension when braking or turning. Might not be brakes at all.
    What does anyone think? Just bring it to a shop?

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