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    Andre Hwang

    A few months ago I went to a local auto shop to have my right axle replaced. While I was watching the technician replace it, I noticed that he had the brake caliper dangling in the air. I wonder if that contributed to the creaking sound on the right. The problem started once I drove out of the parking lot from the shop but now the sound is even more noticeable. Can it be sway bar end links? rotors? inner tie rod end? Btw this link shows exactly what I’m hearing when press on the brakes at a light pressure. At full pressure, there is no sound

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    Richard Kirshy

    Rotational ….
    Considering it only seems to happen when lightly applying the brakes.
    Might first try inspecting the right front brake assembly.
    Might be:
    The slide pins hanging up.
    Brake pads not moving freely.
    Having the caliper hang by the brake hose is never a good thing, should inspect that also along with the caliper mounting bolts.

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