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CV axle broke, now engine not running good?

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    Tracy Ballard
    Tracy Ballard

    My wife’s 2009 Enclave broke the driver side CV axle the other day while she was pulling into a parking lot, it broke right by the wheel on the cv joint itself, the cage and all the ball bearings came out and it was totally disconnected from the wheel. I replaced the whole CV axle today, but when I tried to drive it there seemed to be either some kind of binding or the engine is not making much power. I know the wheel itself is spinning fine and the hub nut is not too tight. I can turn the rotor by hand while it’s jacked up and in park. But when I try to put it in gear and drive it seems like the engine can’t make the wheels turn very good. Even up on jack-stands it can’t spin the wheels very good and the engine/transmission doesn’t want to rev good in drive on the jackstands.

    So, at this point I’m not sure if the engine or transmission is messed up as a result of the CV axle breaking, or if that is what caused the axle to break in the first place, or something totally different. Any ideas? thanks in advance for any thoughts on this perplexing issue.

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