CV axles keep breaking

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    Nicole D'Ambroise
    Nicole D’Ambroise

    Stock 2014 Taurus Limited (front wheel drive) keeps breaking axles on drivers side. Bought car quest, broke after a week, got a warranty replacement and broke after 16 hours. Drove for a week with it broken and decided to do all the suspension because the Detroit Axle rack failed too after first cv was put in. Last weekend replaced rack, cv’s on both sides, hub assemblies, front struts and springs, rear Shocks and springs, (programmed rack, and had alignment done today). Pulled into my yard 2 hours ago (less than 24 hours after drivers side cv replaced for the 3rd time but with Motorcraft this time) and the cv and possibly rack as well is making clunking. Cv definitely broken, rack could be too, was not able to rule that out tonight. Why am I going through CV’s?

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    EricTheCarGuy 1

    I suspect that the inner CV joint is coming out of the cup? If that is the case I would make sure all the engine mounts are good. If the engine moves too much it may cause the inner CV joint to separate.

    Has the vehicle been in a collision? If so, something may still be out of alignment.

    A better explanation of the issue (what do you mean by broken axle?), or a picture would be helpful.

    Please keep us updated.

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