D16Y5 valvetrain issue

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    Daniel Marble
    Daniel Marble

    Good morning all.

    Context: I somewhat recently rebuilt (everything was touched except the distributor) a D16Y5 engine and installed it into my 98 civic and drive it around for about 6-8 months. I swapped the Y5 out for a Y7 because I was having multiple issues to include include engine sputtering while cruising, oil leaks from valve cover gasket (main, not spark plug tubes) and oil pan gasket, DTC’s P0300/301-4,P0453 with pending DTC’s p0450, p1399, p0505 and P1164.

    This past week I started to tear into it to replace whatever gaskets/seals I needed to replace. The distributor seal was the main culprit for the oil all over the engine.

    The biggest issue: upon removing oil pan I saw two pieces of sheet metal that came from the valvetrain. They’re discontinued. If doing a Google search, “d16y5 valvetrain”, it is the “close to rhombus” looking shape near the intake rockers.

    I’m just curious of what may have caused this. I can send pictures if needed.

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    Daniel Marble
    Daniel Marble

    Just to add, I did find a spare (almost) complete Y5 head, so crisis is averted.

    Just wondering why these pieces broke.

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