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    Dan Cook
    Dan Cook

    Morning all!!

    Ive got an overheating f300 feroza with the 1.6 efi engine.
    It was overheating at speed and/or under load. Boiling up and blowing the coolant out through the expansion tank.
    I checked the fan and air flow , the rmostat etc

    I then did a compression test and found 150-153psi across the board.
    I did a leak down test and was finding drops on all 4 cylinders but the tester i was using was impossible to set to zero without it climbing way past it by the time i moved to the next cylinder.
    The leak showed itself audibly in the oil filler and seemed, from what i could determine, pretty uniform in each (40% give or take, taking in to account the tester creeping)
    Im a bit confused with the cylinders seeming so uniformly good for compression and bad for leak down, and pointing towards cylinder wall damage or ring failure to the same degree on each.
    Here in Australia rural i can’t find an affordable leak down tester so im waiting for an online order to arrive.

    Is it worth pulling the head off and checking the cylinders, if they’re reasonable, and the rings worn or sootteted up, would i get away with either a soot clean or a new set of rings?
    I picked it up as a stand in while i finish two other project vehicles and can’t justify much money or time for it!
    Ive got a top end seal kit here with head gasket etc.
    It’s getting up to 40c now and i don’t want to be riding my bike short distances and getting around town in full leathers etc!!

    Cheers peeps!!

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