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    Mark Madden

    2008 Audi A4 quattro 2.0T automatic transmission
    car starts and runs. Turn key to off position with key left in ignition switch, dash warning lights start flickering and relay in ECU storage plastic box in engine bay start clicking. Remove key from ignition switch, dash warning light and relay stops. I replaced the ignition switch on end of ignition cylinder housing, problem still exist. I cleaned battery post (+/-) and cable ends. Cleaned multiples grounds in engine bay. Not sure if ignition cylinder housing needs replaced or relay in ECU box needs replaced. Or have damaged in wiring harness under dash routing to ignition switch?

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    Dave Tidman

    You will likely need to find a wiring diagram to sort this out. I would start with what is controlling the relay that is clicking and go from there. I could be a number of different things causing this.

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