Dealership gave me crappy gas?

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    drew chieng
    drew chieng

    So i bought a used rav 4, 2016 model at the toyota dealer. They fueled up my car and i was ready to take it home.
    After using up all the gas, i went to the gas station, the very first time self serve to fill up my tank. As soon as i left the gas station and drove down the road, it felt like a different car, more power, better control and much more sensitive on the brake and acceleration pedal.
    Before when i was driving with the tank of gas that they gave me from toyota, the car felt like i had to stomp on the pedal to get the car going. I was thinking also could it because they cleaned my muffler, compressor and idle air control valve?
    I need someone to validate this! Thanks!

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    If it is a wrong gas, it wouldn’t run smoothly. Like using a diesel on a gasoline-only engine.

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    What octane gas did you out into it when you filled it up?

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