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      One thing that you didn’t mention in the video is that the people who check in a customer’s vehicle for service at a dealership are actually commissioned sales reps. Thus, they have an unusual incentive to upsell you on services that you may or not may need. (Odd that my cabin air filter was always somehow really dirty by their standards, once even a mere two days after I changed it.)

      As a customer, I’ve had reasonably good experiences with a couple of Toyota dealerships in the Atlanta area. Every Ford dealer I’ve been to has tried to scam me out of one thing or another. After the first recall on our Ford minivan, the brake pressure switch was suddenly leaking brake fluid (and is an OEM-only part… shocker.) After the second, both hydraulic motor mounts had collapsed. Granted, it could be because of the need to drop the subframe for the service, but they actually had the audacity to tell me it was an exhaust issue. They could have offered to change out the mounts while they had the subframe down, but I guess that wouldn’t add any labor to the ticket and they didn’t want to bother. I had a Taurus 10 years ago before I became a shade-tree mechanic (a home version of an ETCG-wannabe) and was ripped off several times by a Ford dealer. Also, their labor/part rates around here are exhorbitantly higher than at an independent, whereas Toyota is fairly competitive.

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