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Desperate need of career path to choose: Advisor vs. Tech

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    Brandon FriesenBrandon Friesen

      Hey guys,
      I’m currently a Junior advisor for a Toyota dealership, I generally enjoy it, I have the typical service advisor qualms and complaints but it pays the bills and I have it pretty easy. But I love love love working on cars, I have a great deal of automotive knowledge etc. If someone comes in for something simple that I should write up like a burnt out bulb, I’m the one who wants to do it right in the lane, because I’m almost craving to do it. But I have excellent people skills, very thick skin, and a very outgoing and bubbly personality; perfect for a service advisor. My family thinks being a tech would be wasted talents not being used. I’m 21, and I got accepted into a tech school for this fall but I’m having second thoughts of being a tech. I was a maintenance tech with my own bay and tools, doing light maintenance and repairs on Volkswagens. I absolutely adored it, but got fired because I left a set of lug nuts loose on one wheel. I am a typically forgetful person who may overlook something because doing repetitive jobs, I go into auto pilot mode and then bam the car is finished and I don’t even know what I just did and spend the rest of my day worried I forgot something. Advising is a seriously low-to-no risk job of that happening, and being a tech I have peoples life on the line after I send a car down the road and it gets me a bit anxious. Is this something that’s easy to work on? Common for other beginner techs? I just need some help because I’m torn.

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