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Did the dealership not fix my ACTUAL problem?

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    > OCT4 2021 – Engine light comes on. Checked code shows P0C32. (Code comes and goes over prev months) – proof of date on phone.
    Plus, Display pops up on dash “Hybrid System Fault”
    Research seems to indicate P0C32 is usually a hybrid batt coolant pump problem.
    They replace the hybrid battery under warranty-which-expires by the time I get the car back on Dec 23, 2021. All good!
    > APR13 2022 – Oct 4 happens all over again! – Engine light on + code P0C32 + popup “Hybrid System Fault.”
    They check car, reset code, drive for “3 drive cycles,” and say, “no code repeat” and send me home.
    On this date it seemed obvious to me that they never fixed the P0C32 related problem which destroyed the battery. I spent an hour trying to convince them that they should have fixed this problem while still under warranty. And that the battery was the result of the problem. And I told them that this new battery they gave me is also going to get destroyed if they don’t fix the problem. But they were not convinced and said come back if another problem
    > Today, Aug 16, 2022, check engine light plus multi hybrid battery related codes show up, first P0C47
    P0C4B, P0C4C, P0CDF, P0CE2, P0D1A, P0D1D, then U0073 (communication bus?) … I just dropped the car off, they should check it out in a couple of days.
    1. Do they owe it to me to fix the new damage that (I believe) was never fixed in warranty.
    2. Also I have a recording of the lady saying that the hybrid battery that was replaced under warranty also has a two-year warranty.
    But since the day she said that they are all saying that is not true and that the replaced battery is not under warranty because it was replace free under orig warranty.
    Do you think this is true

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    EricTheCarGuy 1

    This depends on a number of factors, the main one being the warranty that the dealership puts on their work. Looks like you came back 5 months after the original issue. It also depends on your local laws concerning issues like this. Additionally, you would need to prove negligence on their part caused the issue. Something that is very difficult to do. In short, I’m sad to report that the outlook for recourse doesn’t look good for you. You might be able to contact the manufacture directly to see if they can step in. I think that would be your best bet. I hope you’re able to get it resolved.


    Appreciate the response. thanks so much!

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