Do You Need an Automotive Education?

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    After posting last weeks video, “Should You Get Into Auto Repair”, a lot of people brought up the topic of education. For this weeks video I decided to explore the subject in more detail. What are your thoughts?

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    Rich Southerland

    I have an AA degree and it really didnt make much of a difference. Admittedly I got mine 30 years ago. My son followed me into the field and also got a degree but his automotive training was more make-specific (Ford ASSET) and I think that was much more valuable in todays market. I would advise against the flashy schools like UTI and Wyotech as they are very pricey ($30K+) and I’ve seen their graduates taking positions at slightly above min wage. Thats a lot of money to owe for a job that starts low $. See if your local Community College has any classes with manufacturers training. The one my son attended had Ford and Toyota. The cost is substantially less and IMO you get more relevant training.


    More and more recently, I have noticed a shift in perspective from public education towards private education. Now I am writing a term paper about this.

Viewing 2 replies - 46 through 47 (of 47 total)

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