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Dodge Durango Cylinder 1 Misfire code, rough idling after changing plugs

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    Rick Wagner
    Rick Wagner

    Hello, my 2014 v6 Durango had a leaking oil filter housing so I bought the upgraded non-plastic housing and while I was in there I figured I’d change the spark plugs since I’m at 93k miles. When i was putting the lower intake manifold back on i accidently had the purge valve sensor connector line under the lower manifold so after i tightened the screws i cut the electrical line to the purge valve sensor connector. I bought a replacement connector from O’Reilly ($70 crazy price) Gadget Cable Audio equipment Font Electronic device . I also noticed that the holes for the upper intake manifold bolts had little pieces of metal in them. Turns out the metal thread insert broke on 2 of the upper intake manifold holes Automotive lighting Font Rim Automotive tire Automotive design so I couldn’t tighten the upper manifold as much as i would like. Its tight but not the correct torque. I have been getting P0301 (cylinder 1 misfire (since i changed the spark plugs. I also P2173 (throttle actuator control system – high air flow detected.) sometimes. The car now has a noticeable vibration when idle, seems fine when I increase rpm. I swapped the coil and plug with cylinder 2 but I got the same error so must be something else. Here are my questions…

    1. When I replaced the purge valve sensor connector Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive fuel system Automotive air manifold does it matter which wire I connect the replacement sensor connector to? In the picture you can see i connected the new sensor with a wire jacket and heat shrinked it temporarily. Do the 2 wires need to be connected in a specific order or does it matter? If i matters how can i know which order is correct? I’ve tried it both ways and i still get the same issues and error so I doubt this is the issue but i’m curious.

    2. If the upper manifold isn’t screwed in place to the correct torque could that let to much air into the intake and cause the errors? Do i need to buy a new upper intake or can i repair the screw holes with new metal thread inserts?

    3. What else can i test to find the problem? I have had a ton of problems with this durango and spend a ton on repairs so I would really like to fix this one myself and not spend more at the shop. Also I get to justify buying whatever tool i need since its still going to be cheaper then the shop lol. I was careful with the tubes so I don’t think i have a vacuum leak but if the manifold isn’t on tight maybe that’s the reason? I haven’t done that test before but if you recommend I’ll do it as well. thanks a bunch for the help!

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