E350 Brake Spontaneously Locking Up

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    Darryl Biggerty
    Darryl Biggerty

    Got a weird one… E350 Econoline with RSC/Advancetrac. Traction control light comes on intermittently, sometimes stays on while driving with the chime going off every 5 minutes or so. I was driving it on the highway yesterday, after leaving a gas station, going about 55 while accelerating up to speed. My foot never hit the brakes, and suddenly the front passenger brake went full lock! Smoked the tire and pulled me into the shoulder. Once the vehicle stopped, the brake released and continued to function as advertised. I was only about 10 miles from home, so I limped it back. The same occurrence happened two more times. Same wheel every time, and my foot was never on the brakes when it happened. What could be causing the Traction Control system to stab that brake? It is quite difficult to control the vehicle when this happens, and I can’t find a way to disable the system temporarily. I suspect wheel speed sensing is seeing this corner out of control, but I really don’t know a whole lot about this system.

    I did take it to a shop thinking a professional scan tool could reveal something, but they suggested new pads….. Not going back there anytime soon.

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    Nightflyr *
    Richard Kirshy

    You need to be looking at live data for all four speed sensors when the issue happens.
    That will at least tell if there is a faulty one.

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