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Easiest brand(car make) of dealerships to get a job in?

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      Hello all.

      I understand many of you work as dealership techs. I am beginning to think every brand has a corporate guidelines that they enforce their dealerships on what kind of people to hire. So I think dealerships of some brands are easier to get a job in than the others.

      Working at many Hyundai dealerships, I think this is brand any retard on pills can get started as a tech in. And worked on many different makes and models in the past, I can tell you Hyundais (made after 2006) Are the EASIEST cars ANY retard on pills can work on. So any aspiring “techs” can get a job at a Hyundai dealership.

      But curious to know what the ETCG forum thinks thanks.

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        The way you worded that I sense some arrogance or attitude.
        If any of that spills out in a job interview you are not likely to get hired.
        No dealers do not have policy from up above as whom to hire.
        It depends on experience education and attitude.
        It would certainly be easier to enter into domestic or aisian dealer than it would european. The layout of Korean is simpler but electrically they are equally as challenging. The Euro models are assembled to look impressive and conceal
        things as to not appear as cluttered.
        There is so much that one has to learn and in fact embark on a lifelong
        journey of learning if they wish to remain in this field as a career.

        It is best to take more of a humble approach and you have to be 100%
        positive in attitude and open to learning. Any bit of negativity or bad attitude during an interview its game over. Just some food for thought.


          I’m not sure if there are any “easy” manufacturers, BUT I was at Tesla for 3 years and enjoyed every minute of it. I only quit because of the manager lol. Had he not showed up, I’m sure I’d still be there.

          jonathan swirskyjonathan swirsky

            the easiest model for the 20 + years i spent turning wrenches was KIA.. and the best warranty work for flat rate tech’s was ford or Lincoln/mercury. i know some will say ford diagnostics sucks.. but if you understand the automotive principals at heart then any make n model shouldn’t be a problem! anyone fresh out of tech. school or looking to work in a shop.. i really believe you should work in a grunge shop or multi–make and model repair shop..Goodyear/Firestone ect.. it will teach you the ability to switch up and teach your brain or better yet keep your brain on the fundamentals of automotive.. i worked for Dodge,KIA,Toyota,Nissan,Acura… and working on the same make n model or manufacture is very nice indeed when you can run to your tool box or parts dept. and ask for a part to see if you diagnosis it right,lol
            but my best training was working the multi-shops it made me a better tech.. and got me the highest pay!!
            its one thing to say i can work on this.. it’s another to say i can work on anything!!!
            just my fuel for thought!!..thanks

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