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    Peter Spinelli
    Peter Spinelli

    I read on line about a guy who had a problem with his van that may be similar to mine, and wanted to see of I could get some help with mine. Erik may have helped him and I was hoping to get some help as well. I will set up an account and log in and do it that way if necessary. If so, can you point me to the best place to do that ?

    Meanwhile, some history on my problem. 2005 Kia Sedona van with about 120,000 miles. 6 months ago cylinders #1,3&5 had new plugs, cables and associated stuff replaced to stop a cylinder #3 misfire check engine light error code. That worked great for 6 months. But now, other problems. Although no engine performance issues were obvious before, now I get a serious “bogging down” and engine power loss. If I can pull over, shut engine down, and wait about 10 minutes or so…..firing engine back up reveals a fully functional engine again…and I am good to go for a while (until it starts bogging down again and I have to “limp” along to a safe spot to stop again). It seems that the problem is less likely to happen at highway speeds. I am not sure why, exactly but theorized that maybe It was an airflow problem of some sort. The mass air flow sensor was replaced but that did not help. I had seen errors like PO306, PO420. A muffler guy cleaned out catalytic converter crud that had accumulated and I thought that was the fix. Van went 450 miles before the latest check engine light codes of PO171 and PO174. I took van to dealer. He wants to replace all 3 catalytic converters at a price of $5,925 ! SHEESH ! The van is not worth that much and I would donate it first before I went thru that repair (which has no guarantee of it being the final fix that would be needed). I think the dealer has some kids that he expects me to put thru college or something.

    I have a Fix-D engine code display gizmo on the van so I can see if/when/what codes are displayed and I can clear them. After reading the recent erikthecarguy response to the other fellow with the Kia Sedona van problem that sounds similar to mine, I decided to disconnect the battery and let it reset the memory in the ECM. I did that last night. It is raining cats and dogs right now so I won’t be trying the test drive after reset for a while yet but I hope that helps. Unfortunately, unless the problem rescurrs shortly after a trip starts, I could get stuck in “limp-home-mode” many miles away. I have seen the problem occur after only a few miles and only after 100’s of miles. Frustrating when I can’t trust the vehicle to perform properly.

    Any ideas to guide me ?

    Pete Spinelli in AL

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