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    I got a 1998 Honda Civic.
    Three months ago, one day I was driving on the freeway, heard a little noise feels like a continuing fast sparking sound. Thinking it might go away soon, so I choose to ignore it. On my way back, the engine started making a loud noise like a Harley Davison. It could not be restarted after I stopped it in my garage…

    After changing the spark plugs + wires and the distributor followed by a replacement of the crankshaft position sensor, I managed to make the car start again, but the misfire noise persists.

    The vacuum hose had been checked, no leak;
    Engine compression test had been performed, all four cylinders have 175PSI or higher;

    I then removed the throttle body, cleaned all carbon built-up, replaced the IAC valve.

    The weird thing is there is no check engine light comes on until I unplug a series of sensors attached to the throttle body.

    After doing all these, the car is still misfiring stubbornly. I am very frustrated. What else still miss on the list that I haven’t checked for this problem? The MPA sensor is next to be replaced in the next couple of days!

    I am Frustrated but still have hope …

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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