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Engine stumbles and missing no check engine light

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    Jeff Lodge
    Jeff Lodge

    Hello awesome people I bought a 2000 acura rl a week ago high mileage 280k + but well maintained! Wouldn’t have bought it just hearing it idle, pretty rough, but test driving it it would intermittently have points in acceleration when everything was right and I could feel her backbone was still there for sure! I’m shocked no code coming up and all modules come up good on my scanner! So basically if I hit the gas hard it just says bluuuh and then catches up wether I’m driving or in my driveway and beside the intermittent good times it always has a miss and a vibration less noticeable cruising at 60-65 mph. I pulled coil pack electrical plugs individually and no particular difference
    I replaced fuel filter and fuel pump, a little better, I dumped about a half bottle seafoam in gas tank, fricken amazing stuff made a big difference! Original problem is still there just diminished significantly! Fuel pressure tested good as well to!dont know if this is important struck me as weird: prior to new parts fuel only leaked from service bolt on fuel filter for 15-20 seconds after new parts and seafoam there was a ton of pressure and fuel in lines it probably would have slow drained for 5-10 minutes but I wrapped towels around it and loosened it more and it really came out hard! After it was done draining for 20 seconds or so it all of a sudden just belched hard and blew out some more fuel ! Was thinking maybe a blocked fuel return line!
    Sorry for being so long here just trying to give you everything! Thanks for any help definitely appreciated

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